There’s lots of other great bloggers out there doing a far better job than I am so I’ve put a few links below to their sites and encourage you to go and check them out.

There’s lots more out there that I haven’t included so feel free to leave a comment with recommendations are I’m always on the lookout for engaging podcasts, YouTube channels and blogs on the subject.

Ultra Runner Girl

Writing about running, war zones, and everything in between

“I’m a 36 year old Canadian human rights lawyer who discovered ultrarunning ten years ago and now my closet is filled with running shoes, rather than high heels!  To steal from one of my favourite running novels, I run to ‘seek the void’”

Sage Canaday

Sage Running™ is all about athlete empowerment. We want YOU to succeed in the sport of distance running by reaching your goals and having fun at the same time!

Ginger Runner

Ethan Newberry is an actor/comedian/designer/bff that currently lives in Los Angeles, CA

Will Run Longer

My name is Will C. I started running after college to take the edge off of daily life. What happened next was not part of the plan.

Then I joined a running club. Which was a big mistake! Before I knew it I was training for a marathon. Then running marathons. Then ultra marathons. I’ve been hooked on running for the better part of 25 years. 

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