Video: Trail Run Across Grand Ferrand

I recently picked a Garmin Virb Elite action camera and took it for a trail run on my local mountain with Amy. The camera is good fun and the form factor makes it easy to carry around. It also has a ‘burst mode’ photo feature which allows you to take pictures even while you’re taking video, which was much easier than getting the phone out.


Here are some of the pictures I took while on ‘burst mode’. The wide angle distortion looks odd in places, but works well in others.






Race Report: Trail des Contreforts de Piolit, Haute-Alpes, France

After my first race a couple of weeks ago in snow and fog, I was looking forward to a drier and brighter run in the southern Alps, and last Sunday’s Trail des Contreforts de Piolit didn’t disappoint. The race was 17km of pretty much straight up then straight down racing along the foothills (the contreforts) of Le Piolit in the Haute-Alpes of southern France.

The race profile - pretty much straight up and down with a few bumps here and there. The route was extended to 17,3km

The race profile – pretty much straight up and down with a few bumps here and there. The route was extended to 17,3km

The race has been going for five years, and based in La Bâtie-Neuve between Gap and Chorges, this was always going to attract a large and strong field of mountain runners and this year didn’t disappoint. 300 runners signed up for the main event with another 200 running a smaller 6km version.

Finding my way to the event was slightly problematic – I just rocked up to the town assuming there would be event signposts, but it wasn’t really clear where the race was. I saw a guy in running gear walking into a building full of people filling in bits of paper so followed him – and almost ended up voting in the French local elections. After sheepishly getting some new directions I soon found my way to the local college that was hosting the event and picked up my race pack and got ready.

The weather was perfect for racing – blue skies and temperatures in the low teens with little wind – a perfect Spring day in the Provençal Alps.

As with all of these events there’s usually a big bottleneck as soon as the race hits the trails so I positioned myself reasonably close to the front of the start line hoping not to get stuck too far back. As soon as the gun went off everybody sprinted and jostled – I nearly went face-first into the tarmac after 500m as somebody clipped my heels at full speed but I just about managed to stay on my feet.

Edging to the front of the start line to avoid the trail bottlenecks in the first KM

Edging to the front of the start line to avoid the trail bottlenecks in the first KM

After about 800m we started to hit the trails and the going got steeper. Although the the trail was mostly dry, this time of year there is still a lot of snowmelt in places and some patches were boggy and due to the crowded trails it was difficult to avoid much of this meaning feet got wet and muddy quite early on.

An easy section, so I was able to take a photo. The trails were much more technical in places but that wasn't the time for whipping out my phone.

An easy section, so I was able to take a photo. The trails were much more technical in places but that wasn’t the time for whipping out my phone.

There were two ravito (food) stops serving water, Coke and other drinks, as well as bananas, chocolate and dried apricots. For such a short race this seemed more than necessary but it meant I could race carrying nothing but a couple of gels, that I could then wash down with water at the aid stations.

The aid stations were frequent and well stocked for a race of this size

The aid stations were frequent and well stocked for a race of this size. Photo courtesy of

The going underfoot was dry and gritty in places, and mixed with the boggy conditions earlier on I was getting blisters on my feet – I was wearing my new Brooks Cascadia 10s which I’d only put about 30km into previously, so this made the descent painful as it was quite technical and steep.


Photo courtesy of



Gaël Reynaud (right) who was the eventual winner, beating the course record with a time of 1:14:30. Benjamin Rouillon (left) got 2nd place just under 2 minutes behind. Photo courtesy of


Photo courtesy of


The last couple of KMs were fairly undulating and I was able to make up about 4-5 places by passing a few people who were starting to blow up. The final 800m into the village and the finish line had some good crowds and still plenty of cheering going on despite the winner having crossed the line 15 minutes earlier, which helped motivate me to the finish. I eventually crossed the line in 1:33:57 – quite some time behind the winners but I’m quite happy with the result considering the strength of the field.

Overall it was a well organised and exceptionally scenic race – with plenty of food stops, plus a meal for all finishers it was also good value.


Pl. # Name Club Sx Cat Time Avg Par cat.
1. 282 REYNAUD Gaël Team Optisport-Uglow M SEH 01:14:30 13,85 1
2. 184 ROUILLON Benjamin club des chats M SEH 01:16:33 13,48 2
3. 194 MANSOURI Saïd M SEH 01:16:33 13,48 3
4. 185 BARBE Geoffrey club des chats M ESH 01:17:02 13,4 1
5. 271 HALLEUMIEUX Christophe GHAA M V1H 01:17:53 13,25 1
6. 258 BAILLY Quentin Team Endurance Shop Gap M SEH 01:19:10 13,04 4
7. 7 BRUNEL Thomas CA Pézenas M SEH 01:19:32 12,98 5
8. 190 RANCON Maxime CS SERRE CHEVALIER M SEH 01:20:18 12,85 6
9. 17 ARVIN-BEROD Alexis M SEH 01:20:28 12,83 7
10. 251 MESTRE Bruno AC Digne M V1H 01:20:39 12,8 2
48. 82 CHAFFEY James   M V1H 01:33:57 10,98 16

Full race results can be found on the GeniAlp website.

Challenge Trails 05

I was keen to enter this race since it’s part of the new Challenge Trails 05 ‘league’ system. 10 trail races in the Haute-Alpes (05) departement this year, between 16-32km are scheduled, with a points mechanism where the winner is awarded 600pts, and then each finisher afterwards is awarded a decreasing number of points. The best 5 finishes of the year are taking into account on the overall leaderboard. It seemed like a good way to add some motivation and to find some local races for me.

 Strava Data

Spring Run

Since moving to France, and despite now living in a trail running Mecca, I’ve completely neglected to get out recently. So after working three 18 hour days in a row, and the weather being beautiful, warm and sunny all week I forced myself to get out for a lunchtime run.

It had been a few weeks since I last ran the trails at the end of the valley, and back then the weather was below freezing, and we’d had a lot of snow so the cross-country ski trails were hard packed and made for good, consistent running. However, we’ve had 3 weeks of sunny days, and temperatures up into the 20s, so the snow has been melting fast.

XC Ski Trail through the forest

After a slushy start at start of the ski trails, once I got off the main road I found that the shade from the trees had protected a lot of the snow. A bit icy in places but generally good to run on.

Warm and Sunny

After getting to the end of my normal trail at the Cascade de Mougious, I felt a bit ambitious and climbed up the start of the trail up the Grand Ferrand. I was on the wrong side of the river, but a partial snow bridge was still intact so I was able to jump across and head up the trail. South-facing, it was mostly clear of snow apart from patches on the left, but on the right, lizards were basking in the afternoon sun.

Heading up the Grand Ferrand

A couple of hundred metres of vertical height gain, on rocky, technical terrain was about all I could manage. Especially since my heart rate monitor was telling me I was hitting 95%. Probably time to turn around and call it a day.