2018 Goals

My long term goal at the moment is to qualify for the UTMB. Last year I completed the CCC, and I recently gained 6 more UTMB points by finishing the 100 mile Jurassic Coast Ultra. If I can complete the TDS this August, I will be on course to enter the UTMB for 2019.

I raced a lot last year (around 12 races) and this year I’ve really cut down my calendar to focus on the longer races, and some quality training. I’m using my local trail races as long training runs so need to resist the urge to run them too fast.

Trail du Ventoux (B race – April)

46km in April up, over and down the Giant of Provence. I’ve missed this race for the last two years due to injury and travel plans so I was really keen to do it. In the end I finished the race in very wintry conditions – a good warm up for the season and a test of the legs which hadn’t really had a long outing all winter.

Jurassic Coast 100 (A race – June)

My first attempt at 100 mile distance. I decided that since the cumulative elevation on this race is not that high (~5000m) then this would be a good introduction to the distance compared to some of the monsters here in the Alps.

It was an eye opener and a great experience. More than anything I was pleasantly surprised how well I recovered from it, and obviously very pleased about the 6 UTMB points.

UTMB: TDS (A race – August)

After doing the CCC it was natural to want to come back to Chamonix and try the TDS. Everyone I’ve spoken to who has done it has equally praised it for being a technically more challenging and rewarding than the CCC.